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Maintenance Technician

Posted: 11/12/2023

The Facilities Support Member II is responsible for providing general upkeep and maintenance to all banking facilities through preventative work programs and problem solving on an as needed basis.

Additional Duties:

•On a daily basis, inspect the heating and air conditioning units to be sure they are functioning properly.
•Respond to task managements as assigned.
•Perform miscellaneous duties such as changing filters, checking and lubricating equipment, checking the
grounds for potential dangers, maintaining the Urbana atrium pools, checking the roof, rotating fire
suppression pump, vehicle maintenance, changing light bulbs, stocking supplies, etc.
•Perform minor repairs to walls, ceilings, floor coverings, etc. as well as the major building systems.
•Maintain the exterior of each Banking Center including the cleanliness of the parking lot and building.
•Perform outside work – snow removal, watering, mulching, and trimming of landscaping.
•Set-up for meetings as needed.
•Backup Courier as needed.

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