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Web Application Developer

Posted: 01/28/2024

Full Stack Web Application Designer/Developer

As a full stack  developer on the HIS web team, you will be working with our team developers to create web sites and web applications, using modern and cutting-edge technology and methodologies. You will be working with content management systems such as concrete5 and Wordpress, as well as web frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC and Laravel. The Web Application Developer will help with the creation of new features, work with colleagues to fix bugs, and communicate updates and progress with clients.  Strong problem solving, organization, and documentation skills are key to success.

In addition to technical ability, the ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, work well in a small team environment, and be able contribute new and creative ideas to the team.


  • Provide designs and full stack development for internal and client projects (web applications, e-commerce sites, etc.)
  • Collaborate with team of developers
  • Design and code themes for content management systems (mostly concrete5)
  • Handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Provide ongoing support for projects
  • Fast learner & interested in new technologies
  • Direct client communication
Required Skills
  • Strong experience with HTML5 and CSS3
  • JavaScript and jQuery experience
  • Version control experience (SVN and Git)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience building responsive, mobile-friendly websites
  • Strong UI/UX skills
  • Versed in PHP and Javascript
  • Experience with MySql and SQL
  • Knowledge of CSS pre-processors such as LESS and Sass
  • Front end framework experience (Bootstrap)
  • Linux command line experience
  • Ability to work with legacy code bases
  • Familiarity with cPanel
  • Familiarity with c# and visual studio
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