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Electrical Engineer

Posted: 11/12/2023

About the Position

The Engineer, Ameren IL Metering and Projects, designs equipment installations, provides technical support, and evaluates processes and equipment. Limited travel is expected.

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Specifying equipment requirements and designs.
  • Providing technical support, administrative assistance, and training on equipment and processes.
  • Monitoring developing technologies to ensure that equipment is the most up to date, cost efficient, and safest equipment available.
  • Evaluating and testing processes and equipment.
  • Enhancing safety, reliability, productivity, cost effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Assisting key stakeholders in maintaining equipment inventory.
  • Internally supporting vendor software applications, including the creating and updating of meter programs, instructions, and job aids.
  • Reviewing generation and energy storage systems to ensure they are accurately metered and meet all safety requirements.
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