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Westside Parks - Seasonal Laborer

Posted: 03/31/2024

Responsible for performing a variety of daily, cyclical and routine grounds and facility maintenance functions

Reports to the Park Superintendent/Park Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor and may supervise a crew, as directed

  • Mows, fertilizes, aerates, grades, seeds, sods, waters, rakes and polices grounds and sports fields
  • Operates trucks, mowers, sod cutters, chain saws, hand and power tools and all other maintenance and mechanical equipment
  • Prepares beds, plants, trims, prunes, mulches, waters, weeds, stakes, fertilizes, rakes, shovels, digs, back fills and levels soil to complete and maintain grounds and horticultural projects
  • Assists in the installation, inspection and repair or playground equipment
  • Maintains playground areas and equipment
  • Maintains ball diamonds
  • Grades, install bases, installs drainage, sods, waters, top dresses, fertilizes, aerates, installs goals and performs routine maintenance on athletic fields
  • Assists with construction projects, including timber and border installation, excavation, drainage installation, structure installation, site furniture assembly and installation, brick paver installation, pavement repair, and concrete pouring and finishing
  • Polices grounds and picks up and removes trash and debris
  • Assists in the installation of benches, tables, signs, playgrounds, fencing, pavement, bleachers, lockers, backboards and other site amenities
  • Operates tractors, utility trucks, mowing equipment and small engine powered equipment
  • Drives all Park District vehicles (Non-CDL vehicles)
  • Loads, unloads and delivers equipment and supplies, as needed
  • Plows, shovels, snow blows, broom and salts to remove ice and snow
  • Paints buildings, picnic tables, trash cans, bleachers, poles, grounds and equipment
  • Cleans floors, windows, walls, carpets and other areas of Park District buildings
  • Performs grounds set ups and clean ups and removes refuse from buildings and sites
  • Cleans, adjusts and maintains tools and equipment
  • Cleans work site when projects are completed
  • Attends work on a regular basis
  • Performs the job safely and in compliance with District policies, procedures, work and safety rules, and the employee handbook
  • Maintains a clean and organized work environment
  • Additional functions may be essential 
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