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Full-Time CDL Warehouse Worker

Posted: 03/19/2023

This position is responsible for activities in the warehouse. This includes unloading inbounds, product rotation, cleanliness of facility and equipment, physical inventory, and other duties pertaining to maintaining operating standards for product and the facility as laid out by AB-InBev and Skeff Dist.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Scan all warehouse inventory weekly and transmit it into the Route Accounting System (RAS).
  • Enter repaired breakage into the RAS.
  • Take breakage out of inventory in the RAS.
  • Assist the Sr. Director of Warehouse Operations in recounting.

Over-the-Road Trailers
  • Work with AB-InBev logistics and external carriers to ensure a steady flow of inbound deliveries.
  • Secure and unload Over-the-Road trailers.
  • Use plywood on all pallets stacked 3-high.
  • Practice and encourage accurate product rotation.
  • Mark the code date on the pallet as laid out in the WEA.
  • Verify each package and enter them into the RAS.
  • Verify all packages are correct on the bill of lading.
  • Note any discrepancies on the bill of lading.
  • Sign the bill of lading.

Load Returns to Brewery
  • Load and verify the count on return cooperage.
  • Kegs with keg pallets
  • Pallets with bulkheads and spacers.
  • Prepare the bill of lading on BudNet system.
  • Write the truck number on the bill of lading.
  • Enter the Purchase Order in the RAS.
  • Place paperwork in the back of the truck with the cooperage.
  • Copies should be sent to Sr. VP of Operations & CFO.

Build and Load Pre-Sell Orders/Wholesaler Transfer Orders
  • Retrieve picks sheets/load sheets.
  • Note any Out-of-Stocks or package changes and make notations on the sheets.
  • Check code dates.
  • Checkmark each package when putting on a pallet or loading a truck.
  • Wrap orders when necessary.
  • Mark pallets with note pads, including the pallet number and pallet count for the pick sheet (1-5, 2-5 etc.).

  • Facilitate a shift change meeting to communicate with the Night Shift, ensuring a smooth Day Shift transition.
  • Communicate with Lee on any truck issues and substitutions.
  • Communicate with Admin and Director, Operations on new product arrival.
  • Communicate to Sr. Director of Warehouse Operations any issues evolving throughout the day.
  • Communicate on-the-job injuries to Sr. VP of Operations & CFO or VP of Administration & Controller.

General Warehouse Duties
  • Wear the proper uniform.
  • Practice safety precautions.
  • Make sure the warehouse is maintained as laid out in the WEA
  • End of Shift:
  • Clean up the warehouse.
  • Secure the building.

All Other Duties as Assigned.

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