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Instructor of Field Experiences & Licensure Officer

Posted: 03/24/2024


The Instructor of Field Experiences & Licensure Officer will a) coordinate and document ISBE-required field work—education internships and student-teaching experiences— for all education majors (Elementary, Secondary, and K-12), b) teach 12 credits of internship-related courses annually, and c) serve as Millikin University’s licensure officer. Pursuant to 105 ILCS 5/21B-100, the person in this position manages licensure-related transcript analysis, licensure articulation, licensure-related records, university and program compliance with the Illinois State Board of Education, and regular communications with the Illinois State Board of Education (including periodic webinars and state meetings). Organization of SOE and student teaching handbooks and department technology coordination (Banner, Argos, Moodle) are also integral to this position.


  • Teach 12 credits of coursework annually, with a teaching load primarily consisting of Education Internship (ED170), ELED Junior Block Internship (ED370), and senior-level student teaching coursework (ED420 and/or ED488). Some of these courses require teaching (and assessment of) lesson planning, periodic formal observations, and evaluations of teaching effectiveness.
  • Communicate regularly with SOE and university faculty to provide updates and information pertaining to internships and student teaching.
  • Oversee student criminal background checks for education interns and address any negative results with SOE Director.
  • Serve as File Manager for the SOE; complete records inventory sheets and organize internship/educational records for sake of audits, accreditation, etc.
  • Maintain a student teacher database and placement records excel document each semester.
  • Communicate with principals and cooperating teachers to schedule student teacher field placements each semester. Handle all documentation from teacher candidates to finalize/formalize their student teaching placements in schools.
  • Serve as Professional Development Liaison (designated role per ISBE).
  • Coordinate payment of honorarium checks for cooperating teachers and content test reimbursements for students that pass their ISBE-required content exam.
  • Upload student Content Test scores (and EdTPA scores, if it returns as a state requirement) into Banner; assist SOE Director in analysis of data trends prior to the start of each academic year.
  • Maintain ISBE compliance with cooperating teacher verification
  • Maintain student teacher course uploads and files in Moodle (e.g., Lesson Plan Templates, Student Teaching Handbook, EdTPA handbooks, EdTPA templates).
  • Maintain updated Student Teaching Handbook, School of Education Handbook, and related forms online and in-office for faculty, staff and students.
  • Works with the Director of the SOE on Student Teaching processes and procedures, including (but not limited to); hiring of student teaching field supervisors, supervisor mileage reimbursement paperwork, and student teaching course fees.
  • Helps organize and deliver a “Student Teaching Workshop” two times per year that is attended by student teachers, cooperating teachers, and field supervisors for that semester (this workshop could be delivered primarily by a SOE faculty member based on SOE Director approval, but the arrangement of the workshop will be facilitated and coordinated by the Instructor of Field Experiences).
  • Assist in planning and implementing an annual “Interview Bootcamp” event for student teachers and MU Alumni.
  • Maintain online links to study guides for Content Tests and other ISBE licensure requirements.
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