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Total Process Safety (TPS) Regional Leader

Posted: 02/11/2024

Job Description

Total Process Safety (TPS) Regional Leader - Decatur, IL
This is a full-time, exempt position.

The Total Process Safety (TPS) Regional Leader is the regional leader and coordinator for the TPS program across all businesses and process technologies for a given region, bringing technical and functional support from the TPS Center of Excellence (COE) to the facilities in his/her area of responsibility. 

The TPS Regional Leader works with and supports the Business Process Safety Technology Leaders (PSTLs) by helping coordinate and lead TPS activities and interventions at the Regional level.  The TPS Regional Leader additionally brings detailed understanding of the facilities in the region, and in regions where English is not the primary language spoken, can provide support in the local language.

This role requires a solid technical background with good understanding of process safety, strong organizational skills and ability to work with and coordinate activities across multiple facilities.
The TPS Regional  Leader shall report to the TPS Global Director, with dotted line reporting to Operations leadership and the EHS COE, and partners with the Business Process Safety Technology Leaders (PSTLs) for the businesses represented in his/her Region. 

The role may also be combined with a Business PSTL role and responsibilities.


  • Coordinate implementation and management of the process safety program for the region, with emphasis on elements common to all businesses and process technologies.
  • Provide local expertise and support during a TPS incident, including potentially on-site Emergency Response support as needed and coordination of communications with the EHS and TPS COEs.
  • Lead, facilitate or participate in Root Cause Investigations (RCIs) in the region, depending on the severity of the event and/or complexity of the investigation.
    • Identify and escalate to the PSTLs those action items which could or should be leveraged to other facilities with similar hazards.
  • Review and assess TPS incidents in the region to ensure proper classification and follow-up.
  • Provide guidance and interpretation of corporate process safety requirements.
  • Provide guidance and interpretation of local jurisdictional process safety requirements.
  • Monitor progress in closing action items related to TPS (audits, self-assessments, Process Hazard Analyses, Compliance Plans, Root Cause Investigations, etc.)
    • Follow up and assist facilities when process safety expertise or knowledge is an issue to closing the action items.
  • Facilitate and organise regional meetings with facility TPS Engineers / Contacts.
  • Deliver and/or coordinate with the TPS COE TPS training for the region.
  • Act as the Process Safety Subject Matter Expert (SME) Reviewer on Management of Change (MOC) requests for more complex or higher impact changes.
  • Provide coaching and/or mentoring to facility TPS Engineers / Contacts.
  • In regions with limited English-language capabilities:
    • Provide local-language support and coordination between the facilities and:
      • TPS COE
      • External organisations such as Global Risk Consultants (GRC), Marsh, etc.
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