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AgReliant Genetics LLC



About Us

We are a parent. And like any dedicated parent, we support our seed brands’ every success, every challenge, every breakthrough. Importantly, we are not a dispassionate, multi-interest corporation. We are an intensely committed catalyst for the success of our brands. AgriGold®, LG Seeds® and PRIDE Seeds®. Powerful brands in their own right. But woven into each of them is a secret weapon – their parent, AgReliant® Genetics. AgReliant® Genetics is rooted in the tradition of our two parent seed companies, Groupe Limagrain of Saint-Beauzire, France and KWS of Einbeck, Germany. Together, Limagrain and KWS boast over 200 years of seed experience and provide us with direct access to global germplasm. The payoff to our customers? One-of-a-kind, high-performing hybrids farmers can’t get anywhere else.