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Category: Workforce Partners
Primient is committed to a workplace that is all in – ensuring everyone has the opportunity to develop and shape a career that matters in an open culture which embraces equity, diversity and belonging; challenges old ways of thinking; and encourages our voices to be a guiding force for ongoing learning.Think of our work as farm to table to package to building to the future! We start with a more
Phone:(217) 423-4411
Lab Technician
Category: Sciences and General R&D
APPLY HERE! Quality Lab Technician Job Description & Summary Responsibilities: This position reports to the Lab Manager and the Plant Quality Assurance Manager. The work includes instrumental analysis of process streams and products utilizing HPLC, AA, FTIR, and UV/vis spectrophotometers, refractometers, pH, conductivity meters and other devices, as well as physical testing with moisture more
Phone:(217) 423-4411